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Dismantle Everything

You can’t fix a situation or system that was broken from the very start. It’s time to dismantle everything.

What can we do.

Start by doing something, anything, for yourself. Empower others to do the same. Manage your own affairs and take accountability for your shit.

  • Decentralize – consider Web3 for your organization

  • Read More – life is more than soundbites and video shorts

  • Be Kind – if you’re saying it to be hurtful, don’t say it

  • Listen – listening requires more than just your ears

  • Consider Your Blind spots – we all have them, acknowledge yours and work to change them or at least see them

  • Write It Down – make a personal record for posterity or yourself

Don’t Expect the Government to Help

Your “democratic institutions” are run by those people for those people. They are in positions of power and security because they have always been in that position. They won’t govern themselves out of opportunity (would you?) You think you can join in this representative government, but you can only play their game.


Democracy is Outdated and Broken

What happens as we continue our march towards automation and artificial intelligence and an increasing population? If we need fewer office workers and middle managers, what do we do? We can't all be waiters, can we? [...]

police state

The police state oppresses, plainly. It is private property that is to blame.

decentralized solutions

Decentralized, autonomous organizations can solve many problems. Discover democracy, differently.

global governance

It is time for a change, on a global scale.




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